The A Home For Sound album was created in a Brookline, Massachusetts recording studio over the period of two months in the summer of 2011.

Oceans at Rest is more of a mantra song where one could easily listen to it in the background and be calmed by its simplicity. The other songs are more emotional or melodic in form and will be more likely to draw the listener's attention.

My background is in piano as a soloist and I've been creating unique pieces for the instrument for many years. My style has moved from simple tunes to more complicated ones, and most recently ones that have really opened up emotionally. If you check out my previous music, which you can find on the Recordings page, you'll see the obvious change in time. I hope to continue making great music for years to come. I still have a lot of formal rules to figure out to progress my music in different directions, which I intend to do, but in the end it's the heart you put into the music that gets conveyed to the listener and I've always tried to maintain that, and will continue to do so.